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Wonderful works: Pixel Waves, by Miguel Chevalier

Nature and technology for interactive installations

Articles by Gianmaria Vernetti October 22, 2015

Surfing on the web is the best way to find inspiration. That’s why I had the chance to look at the wonderful works of Mexican digital artist Miguel Chevalier. Last night I was relaxing and having a beer at home, searching for ideas about interactive installations. So I found an interesting article on Digitalarti about Miguel Chevalier.

Chevalier is a Mexican-born digital artist with a huge portfolio of massive and brilliant projects. One of the main topics of Chevalier work the relationship between nature and technology.

That’s one of my favourite topics! Just a few times ago I read a research paper about distributed information processing in biological and computational systems. One of the key insight of the paper states that

“Biological systems, ranging from the molecular to the cellular to the organism level, are distributed and in most cases operate without central control. Such systems must solve information processing problems that are often very similar to problems faced by computational systems, including coordinated decision making, leader election, routing and navigation, and more”.

But let’s get back to Miguel Chevalier. His practice includes generative and interactive methodologies to investigate the boundaries between the nature and technology.

Pixel Waves is one of his last works, developed for the National Design Center of Singapore on the occasion of the Singapore Night Festival.

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Pixel Wave is a light carpet, a generative and interactive virtual-reality installation made up of graphic scenes composed of digital symbols such as pixels, mathematical symbols and binary codes. The flow of symbols reacts to the motion of the visitors, amplifying the pixel distortion under their feets.

While reading the project description I found this brilliant sentence:

“With its undulating curves, Pixels Wave 2015 traces its own artistic heritage and whilst providing a visual experience that is constantly renewed and which characterizes the fluid possibilities of twenty-first century art”.

That makes sense to me. Contemporary art is marked by fluidity. Fluidity means routing and navigation, it means operating without central control. At the same time, fluidity in contemporary art is made possible through the adoption of technology as the key medium.

More than ever, nature and technology walk together towards the future.

I truly think it makes sense.

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