Paratissima Skopje, Makesense, Gianmaria Vernetti

Paratissima Skopje, let’s go!

Makesense is media partner and I will hold a workshop about sensible systems

Articles by Gianmaria Vernetti June 8, 2015

The second edition of Paratissima Skopje will take place on June 12-14 in Skopje. Makesense is media partner and I will hold a workshop about sensible systems. I am really proud to attend the second edition of Paratissima Skopje, the international contemporary art fair devoted to the support and promotion of culture, art and the creative industries.

I had alreay the chance to attend the first edition and to perform our multimedia project dedicated to Brian Eno’s Music for Airports. This year the program of Paratissima is even reacher, with a lot of performances, workshops and special events.

The official opening on Friday 12th will feature performances by Melani Dimitrovska, Verica Stojanovich, Sarah Bowyer and Maurizio Lamorte, followed by the concerts of the Italian pop singer Carlot-ta and Hugo Race.

On Saturday 13th Paratissima Skopje will host a special poetry reading, a video projection by Vincent Moon and the concert of Post Global Trio.

Sunday 14th will feature the concerts of Credo School of Music, Jana Narayana & Marko Chvarko and Minstrel’s Gallery and the performance of Karolina Kubik.

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This year Paratissima Skopje will host as well four workshops. I will hold a workshop on Saturday at 18:00 about art and technology. The title of the workshop is: Sensible Systems: Art is research and development. The goal of the workshop is to show how technology can act as a powerful medium for creating digital art projects and interactive installations.

During the workshop we will go in deep into the history of new media art, net art, hacktivism and interactive art and then we will work together on interactive prototypes using portable electroencephalograms, conductive ink, magnets and ferrofluid.

What else to add? Paratissima Skopje is a really nice event, an insight into contemporary arts taking place in a vibrant and creative city.

I truly think it makes sense.

Photo: Младински Културен Центар