Paratissima Skopje

Paratissima Skopje – Call for artists

Applications are open for the second edition of the international art fair taking place in Skopje (Macedonia) on June 12-14

Uncategorized by Gianmaria Vernetti March 23, 2015

Makesense is media partner of Paratissima Skopje 2015.

Last year I had the chance to perform at the first edition of Paratissima Skopje, the international contemporary art fair taking place in the capital city of Macedonia.

Paratissima Skopje is the international edition of Paratissima, the art event and fair taking place in Turin, Italy, which has become, year after year, one of the leading Italian art happenings.

Paratissima Skopje is devoted to the support and promotion of culture, art and the creative industries. It connects existing networks in the cultural and creative sector giving them an opportunity for collaboration and ignites the growth of new, organic networks in line with the innovations and needs of the current cultural and art markets.

The first edition of Paratissima Skopje saw the participation of 90 artists and creative workers who presented themselves with over 150 artworks. More than 3,000 visitors attended the event.

The 2015 edition will take place on June 12-14 at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje. The call for applications is currently open, the deadline to apply is May 24th.

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Everyone can apply. There is no pre-selection for participation and all authors from all countries can participate, regardless of the format they use to express themselves.

I had the chance to attend Paratissima Skopje 2014 and performing Music For Airports, a multimedia show based on the reinterpretation of Brian Eno ambient music masterpiece. Music For Airports is a project led by me in collaboration with percussionist Mendo Fabio Mendolicchio and visual artist Michelangelo Fornaro.

This year I will hold a keynote/workshop about sensible systems, to say interactive technologies and media practices that can develop new senses and new meanings for innovation.

I will perform as well a multimedia performance based on the Emotiv EEG system and the Bare Conductive ink.

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Photo: Davide Bellucca