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Into the light, into the vortex

The outer boundaries between communication, science and art

Articles by Gianmaria Vernetti June 23, 2015

On the way back home from Paratissima Skopje I was searching for some new prominent projects mixing art and technology. So I had the pleasure to read about a new exhibition, called Infosphare, taking place at ZKM Karlsruhe from September 4th to January 31st.

Infosphare is a reflection about technology and social beings, since

“The human being has been living in an infosphere ever since the discovery of magnetism, electricity, electro-magnetic waves and radio technology. For the cohabitation of human beings as social beings, both the atmosphere and the infosphere are indispensable. Today, algorithms – from the stock market through to airports – are fundamental elements of our social order”.

The exhibition will feature works from artists and technologists such as Semiconductor, Natalie Bookchin and Matthias Wolfel among the others.

But what is catching my attention are the three installations created by astrophysicist Fabrizio Tamburini and artist/curator Freddy Paul Grunert.
Fabrizio Tamburini is a world renowned scientist which gained notoriety in the last months for his revolutionary work on electromagnetic waves.
Freddy Paul Grunert is an artist, curator and intellectual, founder of the organization selph2 and vice president of the European Society of the Third Industrial Revolution.

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The installations of Tamburini and Grunert are based on the concept of light as a twisted electromagnetic field, creating therefore new tools to explore the universe and interact with it. The three installations are called Electromagnetism of Freedom, Twisted MIMO and Mathematical Space.

They are based on a mix of telecommunication systems, electromagnetic vortex and mathematics. User can actively be engaged through visuals and touch, giving birth to a completely new way of understanding the boundaries between science and art.

Thanks to projects like these, new perspectives can be imagined for the adoption of technology as a medium in art.

I truly think it makes sense.