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Crossing the boundaries between projects and instruments through interfaces

Articles by Gianmaria Vernetti April 20, 2015

This article was previously published on Blink, the corporate blog of BTicino.

An interface is defined as an entity that acts as a common factor between two or more beings. Separation and connection are intrinsic characteristics of an interface. In the current phase of technological development, surpassing the barriers between instruments and projects entails the exploration of new frontiers of research.

Mindfulness Mind Painting is an interactive installation developed by media artist Dr Caitilin de Berigny  in collaboration with Bruce Ramus, Renee Lance, James Cook, and Jai Honeybrook-Carter. Through the use of portable electroencephalographs, visitors interact with the digital structure, located in Sydney’s city center. Visuals are modified in real time by brainwaves, creating continuously moving patterns which erase the confines between the virtual and physical world.

interface, Gianmaria Vernetti, Makesense

Conductive liquid systems are a true revolution in the development of new interfaces. Bare Conductive is the young start-up behind the creation of the first low cost conductive ink. Bare Conductive collaborated with artist  Fabio Antinori and designer Alicja Pytlewska to create Contours, a hypnotic installation in which conductive fabrics react to touch, modifying the auditory landscape and perception of electroacoustic space.

Reflections on the new frontiers of finance are at the center of BitCoinCloud, an installation created by Artistic Technology Research at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The system is based on a Bitcoin mining rig (used for the creation of Bitcoin) connected to motion sensors and mini led fans. The interface produces new Bitcoins based on the number of visitors in the space and their interaction with the project.

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In 1990, Donald Norman said “the real problem with the interface is the interface itself”. Today’s technological innovation continues its path towards the elimination of barriers between matter and interaction.