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Articles by Gianmaria Vernetti September 23, 2015

Recently I have been working on several ideas and projects involving systems and systems theory. Trends in contemporary media underline the need for a cultural and technological shift in how information is conceived and spread across people.

Internet of Things is one of the hottest trends nowadays, as we see almost everywhere. Since music is one of my passions, I started surfing on the web searching for some inspirations and I found a really interesting article on TechCrunch dedicated to the Internet of Sounds.

So I made some research and I focused on the idea as sound as a system. But what is a system? A system is

A regularly interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole.

That makes sense for me. Sound as a unified whole of interacting items can act as a powerful and revolutionary medium to spread and convey information.

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In this perspective I found a wonderful sound installation developed by Russian media artist Dmitry Morozov.

Silk tracks the real time changes in market activities related to Bitcoin and Litecoin. Changes influence the strain of strings and the way the picks are hitting them.

The installation is based on a robotic system controlled by a computer algorithm, that acts as a sort of orchestra leader. Silk is a great example of the exploration of the invisible boundaries between technology and art. Most of all, in my opinion, it is a brilliant example of sound as system.

Finally, the Internet of sound has come.

I truly think it makes sense.

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